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About Ormic

Ormic Systems, established in 2020, specializes in command and control solutions in the world of fire risks. With over 30 years of accumulated experience, Ormic Systems is led by an accomplished about of experts in the fields of fire safety and system engineering.

Meet Ormic

Eyal Ron, Co-founder

An experienced executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of management roles in the Hi-Tech field, with experience in system engineering and software development, project management and information cybersecurity. Eyal specializes in Command & Control (C4I) and Homeland Security (HLS) systems and was the system engineer and integration manager in the national anti-missile project Iron Dome. He is also a certified CISO (ISSA, CISSP, CCSK)

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Koren Snir, Co-founder

With over 20 years of management roles in the fire protection systems, Koren specializes in the fire control equipment, in particularly designing and constructing of sprinklers systems. Highly experienced in the standardization and planning of small and large-scale fire-safety systems

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Ronen Berman, Co-founder

Entrepreneur and developer, with three startups under his belt. Holds patents in the US Patent Office in the field of water systems and engineering. Has extensive experience in the field of systems analysis, control and engineering

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ARC – Alert and Recommendation Center – is a state-of-the-art, computerized fire-risk management platform which collects data from several sources and analyzes them to produce real-time alerts and action recommendations.

ARC takes into consideration water system measurements, field files/site portfolio, and up-to-date site and area data; all of these factors are analyzed together to produce a current and reliable report with prioritized recommendations for on-site, on-event action.

ARC is the first system of its kind to aggregate and analyze data on a national level, providing authorities with reliable, life-saving information on a routine basis and during emergencies.

Seize the ARC Advantage!

Reduce times and costs of field file prep, water use, measurement times and decision-making by tracking trends and alerts in real-time.

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